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Welcome to SP Recruitment

SP Recruitment is an independent family owned boutique recruitment consultancy with over 50 years experience in recruitment.

With a diverse range of clients, we recruit for all professions, to all levels of experience and to a consistent standard that strives for recruitment excellence.

We know it's not how long we have been doing what we do, but how we do what we do that counts.

We truly believe that we are the best of our kind. That doesn't mean we can do everything, but you can be sure that anything we undertake to do we will do to the very best of our ability.

We have no interest in acting for everyone in the market. We want to do business with people who share our values - honesty, integrity and hard work.

What we will do is to seek to represent the best interest of our chosen clients and candidates at all times, aiming to achieve the best result we can in every situation.

We are passionate, creative, innovative and love what we do!